Does weed make you lose weight?

Many wonder does weed make you lose weight? With people's increasing obsession with staying gaunt, it is not surprising that they go as far as using drugs to lose weight. In fact, there are claims that smoking weed can actually make you slice a few inches off your waistline.

Now, the question is - does it really work, or is it another one of those fake claims to lure you into taking marijuana?

Personally, I have never tried smoking pot whether for the sake of losing weight or entering into a psychedelic world or to simply get wasted.

So, when I came across this topic from a friend, that got me thinking. What if marijuana can actually solve my weight problems?

does weed make you lose weight 

Is weed really worth a shot, or should I just pop in one of those slimming pills (which, I may add, has some questionable ingredients in them, too)?

Other people have a different take on cannabis, though. For them, smoking pot causes the munchies, and by no means can it make you thinner by the week.

So here's what I found out in my research - weed MAY help you shed some pounds.

Yes, there are still ongoing studies and clinical tests about this substance because of insufficient evidences to back these claims about the drug.

Researchers have published a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, which explains a blurry connection between obesity and marijuana.

In the study, more people who smoked pot are less likely to suffer from obesity than those who never used the drug at all.

This scientific study included 52,000 participants from the US, and it showed that about 22 percent of those who never smoked weed were obese while only 14 percent of marijuana users are within normal weight range.

If this were true for all adults, then it certainly gives me more reasons to try it out for myself!

Now, a few other factors are even more interesting than that study. Some researchers have discovered that religious people are unlikely to smoke weed or take any other types of recreational drugs, for that matter.

And interestingly enough, these are the same people who have weight problems. Psychologists link this to their compulsive eating or whatever issues they may have with food.

Well, if that were the case, then this study makes it even more appealing for some to use marijuana because it MAY help them slim down.

However, if you take into account marijuana's main component, which is cannabis, this makes it almost impossible that it can help you lose weight.

In fact, weed has often been blamed for an increase in appetite among people in several studies.

This makes us think that while it may temporarily eliminate the drive to eat, the effect won't probably last for long.

So, does weed make you lose weight? Probably not. With divided opinions about marijuana as a slimming drug, I'd rather stick to my own thoughts.

Just to stay on the safe side, I prefer to workout and go easy on my diet to shed some pounds safely and naturally.

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