4 best ways to burn fat

Today we are going to learn about how to burn fat, its the desire for anyone overweight and those who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle to lose those those extra body fats.

By definition, fats are concentrated fuel sources producing up to 9.5 calories of energy per gram. When fats which comes from what we eat are digested, they enter our bloodstream to be distributed for use as fuel.

So let us look at different types of fats and learn the good fats that you should be using and the ones you should avoid due to the health risks associated with them.

Saturated fats - These kind of fats have been associated with rising levels of blood cholesterol which is linked to stroke, heart diseases, colon and prostrate cancer. Saturated fats are usually solid at room temperature unlike unsaturated fats which are mainly from plants are liquid at room temperature. Sources of these fats includes animal products such as meat, cheese, butter, ice cream and even pizza.

how to burn fat 
  • Unsaturated fats -These kind of fats have the origin from the vegetable kingdom especially nuts, almonds and other oily dried products and cereal germ e.g. corn. They are in liquid form at room temperature and sources includes corn, walnut, soybeans, sunflower, olives and even fish.

    Lets us look at fat loss programs or steps you can begin on how burn fat in your body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Eat more fiber - The first tip on how to burn fat is, it is important to change your eating habits for instance start today by using unsaturated fats for cooking like olive oil, corn oil, walnut oil and many more in this category.

    Eat more fiber rich foods such as lentils, beans, apples, citrus, oats, flax seed, whole grain bread, rice and pasta. Do this and you will be on your way to having a healthy body , and one thing to note is soluble fiber moves down through your digestion system or track and binds with sugars ,fats , and toxins and have them flushed out through your system.

    2. Start to build muscle - The second way of how to burn fat is through exercise be it aerobics , running or at your local gym. Exercise helps to build muscle and sustain them , also fight calories and fats. The increased burning of calories from muscle help you lose more fat. You can also measure your body fat by using BMI as you go on with building muscles.

    3. Avoid foods that are rich in cholesterol- which are mostly from animal sources or products such as cheese, meat, sausages, egg yolks.

    Also avoid fast foods as they supply unhealthy fats and high calories, and instead resort to nutritious cooking.

    4. Deal with stress - Another fat loss program is to understand that stress and depression can lead one to unhealthy craving habits like indulging in high processed foods such as ones which are high in carbohydrates , sweets and candies.

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