6 ways to increase your metabolism

Before we go into how to increase your metabolism, we need to understand what metabolism is as well, metabolism occurs when you have taken food be it during breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever time is digested and the nutrients derived from the food taken, then becomes the building blocks and fuel required by your body.

Therefore your body acquire the energy it needs to function through a process called metabolism. This is a constant process our bodies undergo whenever we eat food and its a vital process in life.

There are different types of foods that help to boost metabolism and these includes foods rich in Vitamin B such as lean chicken ,seeds, nuts, beef, fish and also Vitamin C which helps the body absorb calcium and minerals. Exercise is also known to boost metabolism.

When it comes to weight loss, metabolic weight loss happens when an individual metabolism  speed up hence the calories are burned during activity like exercise, gardening, walking and so forth. Therefore the higher the person metabolic rate, the faster the calories are burned.

Metabolic weight loss is a great way of losing weight and staying fit. It's important to note that different people have different metabolic rate.

Remember to choose water above all other drinks.

Let us now look at how to increase your metabolism or metabolism boost;

1. Drink water - The abundant use of water internally that is by drinking is a good healthy habit which helps prevent many diseases and even contribute to their healing.

When it comes to metabolism boost , water helps to lighten your body metabolic load and increase circulation. Form a habit of drinking at least six to eight glasses of water per day.

Choose water above other unhealthy drinks such as soft drinks which contain lots of sugar or what they call it high corn syrup.

2. Spicy foods - Help boost your metabolism by eating food rich in spices and herbs , and remember some individuals body systems may not tolerate spices, but if it doesn't bother your system, you can begin cooking great meals and adding some spices to it. I prefer natural ones such as garlic gloves, chilli, cumin, tumeric and ginger which are believed to be helpful when it comes to metabolism boost.

3. Vitamins - Vitamins are precious organic substances which play a significant role in our bodies. Vitamins serves various functions in our overall body and must be supplied to our bodies through food or even supplements.

Let us now see how to increase metabolism by taking certain vitamins;

Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamin plays a significant role by helping in metabolism of carbohydrates by facilitating the chemical reaction whereby its end product glucose is converted to energy. sources of Vitamin B1 includes brewer's yeast, wheat germ, fresh tuna, eggs, walnuts, milk, chicken to name a few.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - This vitamin helps in regulating the metabolism of proteins in our body . It plays role in the formation of red blood cells.

Vitamin B6 source includes wheat germ, bananas, nuts brown rice, soybeans , avocado and many more.

Vitamin C helps in the absorption of minerals such as Iron in the intestines and source of this Vitamins includes kiwi, wild rose, peppers, raspberries, oranges, lemons just to name a few.

4. Take green tea - Another way of how to increase your metabolism is by use of green tea. Some clinical studies have shown that green tea extract may help boost metabolism and burn fat.

Also research has proven that combination of caffeine and antioxidant in green tea stimulates the metabolic process and also improved weight loss and management in overweight individuals. Taking at least 2-3 cups of green tea per day is recommended

5. Get enough sleep - Getting enough sleep like 7-8 hours for adult is good as it helps the body repair itself at night and aid in metabolism, be more energetic and ready for the day ahead.

6. Eat well balanced diet - Lastly, another way on how increase your metabolism is by eating a well balanced diet. Do yourself a favor by nourishing your body with healthful , fiber and nutrient rich foods. Take a good breakfast as it will help supply the necessary energy you need for the day ahead, and eat smaller evening meals.

We have now looked at how to increase your metabolism and the next thing is to take those steps we have discussed which acts as a metabolism boost and lead a healthy life.

Do you want to share something about your metabolism? Comment below.

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