List of 8 fat burning foods

Today we are going to look at a list of fat burning foods, however we need to understand first of all that eating right together with regular exercise will help you achieve a healthy weight, and avoid lifestyle diseases such as obesity ,coronary heart disease, hypertension , stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes and many more that are affecting a lot of people today.

So let us now look at the list of fat burning foods that will help you lose fat fast especially if you have trouble with being overweight or managing your weight;

1. Oats - Oats which falls under the category of cereals, are rich in nutrients, supply insoluble fiber and provides strength and energy you need for the day. Oats are best taken in the morning to help you prepare for the day.

Taking oats also helps you lower cholesterol level in your body. I like adding honey on my oatmeal to give it a sweet natural taste as it may just taste plain without it in my case.

2.Olive oil - Olive oil helps burn fats as it does not supply bad fats or cholesterol but instead it has the interesting quality of reducing the production of cholesterol in the body. The oil supply nutritive and medicinal properties and it is considered to be the king of oils due to its exquisite taste.

Olive oil falls under the category of monounsaturated fatty acids. Olives are rich in fats (36%) and also contain 3% of proteins. Identifying this list of fat burning foods help in your journey in shading those extra fat or lose fat fast.

3. Lean meat - When your health is a priority and always should be, you will need to consider taking lean meat which according to USDA state a lean cut of beef as 3.5 ounce serving i.e. about 100 grams that contain less 4.5 grams saturated fat, 10 grams total fat and 95 milligrams cholesterol.

Taking lean meat help you lower cholesterol or bad fats. Meat is rich in various nutrients such as protein ,iron, Zinc and B vitamins. Whenever you go shopping for that tasty meat, choose the cuts with the least visible amount of fat, with lowest percentage of fat and the cuts that are graded "choice" or "select" instead of "prime".

list of fat burning foods 

4. Whole grains - Another group of food that enables you lose fat fast are whole grains which you need to include in your diet especially unprocessed and avoid processed such as white rice, white bread which does not supply the needed fiber and nutrients.

Those processed foods have been stripped out the essential nutrients and leaving you with lots of starch and all of us who choose a healthy lifestyle need to understand this.

Whole grain foods includes healthy whole brown rice, whole brown bread, whole shredded wheat, whole pasta and tortillas. And next time you go shopping , pay attention to the labels that state "whole grain" and avoid those white stuff like white bread as it raises blood sugar levels , and in so doing you are doing your body a great favor when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

5. Fruits - Fruits do supply different kinds of vitamins and minerals that are essential to our body system and does supply low calories thus good in fat burning and losing weight.

Health experts recommend daily consumption of fruits for our well being as some vitamins are not stored in our bodies. Some of nutritive fruits include papaya or pawpaw, oranges, tangerines, grape fruit , mango, berries, bananas and many more.

I like to blend different fruits as they supply different vitamins. A glass of fresh juice during breakfast will do good or any time of the day.

6.Vegetables - Vegetables also known as best weight loss foods also falls into the list of fat burning foods which includes green and other colored vegetables. They supply low calories and help in fat burning and weight loss.

Veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrots, artichoke, beans, peas and cabbage supply excellent vitamins and minerals. Whenever you prepare vegetables, ensure you don't over cook them as it may affect vitamins and minerals, and perhaps a good way is to cook in a low temperature and use healthy oil such as olive , corn or walnut oil.

7. Lentils - If you want to lose fat, lentils help in burning of body fats and its rich in protein, iron and fiber. Its considered to be a good source protein in plant kingdom, and also lentils are known to lower bad cholesterol thus contributing to health of your heart.

In my case , I like boiling a cup of lentils until tender, then grate carrots, add chopped tomatoes, red onions, garlic, celery and walnut oil. Next thing is I pour all mixture in a blender, add some water and coconut milk and blend it till smooth . Then i serve it with brown rice or chapati and its so delicious.

8. Chicken and fish - Another group that falls under the list of fat burning foods are chicken and fish. Many people and I included prefer white meat over red meat and this comes to health reasons like saturated fats. Chicken and fish are a good source of protein and low in fats.

Fish are rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids and eggs contain vitamin B12 which your body need to metabolize fat.

As you move towards a better direction, and this include weight management and fat burning , always try your best to lead a healthy lifestyle like choosing whole grain foods over refined or processed food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Organic are the best option like homegrown chicken meat/free range which have not been raised with hormones or antibiotics. Now that we have looked at the list of fat burning foods and at times regarded as best foods for weight loss, the next thing to do is to take action by incorporating these foods in your diet and you will be on your way to lose fat fast.

What is your favorite healthy meal?

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