Unhealthy eating habits

Unhealthy eating habits happens as a results of our habits we have created that govern our eating and health lifestyle. Some of this habits were formed when were young as a result of the surroundings like family way of life and some picked up on the way as we grow up , and it has become part of us throughout our adult life.

Poor eating habits or unhealthy eating habits is associated with poor health conditions such as consuming too much sodium, refined sugar, saturated fats which mainly comes from animal products and can adversely lead to negative health effects and even chronic disease such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancers.

Our modern fast paced lifestyle has led mostly to poor eating habits such as majority preferring fast foods which are rich in sugars, sodium, fats commonly referred to western diet and reduced home healthy and nutritious cooking.

And on the other hand , individuals who eat a healthy diet , which is composed of fruits , vegetables, whole grain, legumes and choosing water above all drinks such as alcohol and no smoking are having a healthy weight, physically active, high immune system, full of energy and having a positive outlook of life.

In life , we determine our destiny by the choices we make each day and this not only apply to health but also other areas of our lives. Poor eating habits can be changed to healthy habits simply by making some few adjustments coupled with purpose and determination and ready to get discipline to achieve a healthy eating and lifestyle, that will have a long term positive impact to your body and life.

unhealthy eating habits 

The effects of unhealthy eating habits leads to overweight which is associated with chronic disease like heart disease , type 2 diabetes and cancer.

So let us look at ways you can change from unhealthy eating habits to healthy eating plan;

1.Take less alcohol - Alcohol is that one "guy" who gets you enticed and once you get hooked to him ,it becomes a life struggle to ditch this "friend", He has wrecked many lives, relationships and families.

Well , when it comes to the health perspective, alcohol such as beer are high in calories and also has negative effects to your body such as liver damage, nervous disorder, kidney disease, cancer, obesity, hypoglycemia, heart disease, alcohol syndrome and psychological disturbances.

On the other side , also avoid cola drinks which are high in empty calories , sugars (high fructose corn syrup), sodium, caffeinated drinks and choose water and fresh juice above all drinks.

2. Take less salt/sodium - Try to minimize use of salt in your diet. I know how tasty meal can be when we use salt and moderation is advisable. Avoid high salted food products such as soy source, crackers, pickles, chips, popcorn and many other food products.

The easiest way to determine the sodium content in food products is to read the labels where its written sodium, and you will be able to see how much its contained in there.

Excessive salt or sodium can stay in your body tissues and hold excessive water. This in turn leads to swelling which raises the body blood pressure. And people or individuals with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease or stroke.

3. Avoid food rich in saturated fats - Intake of foods rich in saturated fats increases the amount of cholesterol in our bodies , which in turn increases the chance of developing heart disease.

Saturated fats comes mainly from animal products and coconut oil from plants and examples of food with saturated fats are cheese , pizzas, meat pies, meat with visible white fat layer.

Choose today healthy oil or cooking such as ;

- Monounsaturated like olive oil , almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds which are healthy and nutritious.

- Polyunsaturated fats is another very good option and this includes sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean and flax seed oils are very healthy and nutritious.

Western diet which is unhealthy diet are rich in saturated fats and often processed, refined, concentrated, salted, sugar and some chemically engineered, thus taking away vital nutrients and fiber.

4. Sugars - Reduce intake of sugars such as refined and concentrated drinks like soft drinks and is considered the main single source of refined sugar in American diet.

5. Eat more fruits ,vegetables and whole grains

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits for they are rich in nutrients, fiber and help you maintain a healthy weight.

This is one of the common unhealthy eating habits where individuals don't include fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Also remember to eat whole grains food products such as whole bread, pasta, brown rice, millet, wheat, for they supply good nutrients and fiber, avoid refined products.

6. Get physically fit - Engage in some physical exercises as it will help you maintain a healthy weight, figure and feel more energy. Its also good for stress management.

Exercise also helps you to maintain or have a youthful skin.

Developing the above healthy eating plans and activities will help you put your unhealthy eating habits in control and leads you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Share your experience with others about your eating habits.

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