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Finding the right weight gain diet is crucial when planning to gaining weight, and remember it is not wise to indulge in unhealthy food just for the purpose of gaining weight.

It is rare to here people or individuals discussing how they want to gain weight especially in the western world where there is more talk on losing weight than there is to gaining.

For those guys looking to gain some few pounds, then you are in the right place for we are going to look at how you can gain weight the healthy way through healthy weight gain diet or healthy diet to gain weight.

Well, to gain weight you have to consume more calories than you burn them , and the sources of these calories has to come from healthy foods and not junk food rich in saturated fats which can pose great health risks in the future in the form of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, stoke and heart attack.

So let us look at a diet plan to gain weight;

1. Calories - If you want to gain weight , then you need to consume more calories which comes from the food we eat than you burn them. Following this strategy, you will inevitably gain weight and be active in order to build muscles instead of fat.

And in preparation for this, choose above all healthy foods like whole grains ,lean meat protein and avoid saturated fats which leads to healthy problem, and instead go for nutritious and healthy oils such as olive oil, walnut oil or corn oil, yorghurt, nuts and fruits.

How do you determine your caloric needs? Well your caloric needs will depend on your age, gender, weight , height and activity. There are so many calorie calculators available you can take advantage such as the one below and you just need to put your details and click calculate.

Daily Calorie Calculator
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Daily Calories Needed

2. Eat regularly to gain weight - The idea of skipping or eating irregularly may not serve you well when it comes to weight gain diet.

You will need to eat regularly at least 5 - 6 meals a day with high calories with some few snacks. These foods should supply adequate proteins , starch , vegetables ,fruits and fats. And staying committed to this food plan will enable you to gain an average of a half pound to 1 pound per week. And it needs to be a balanced diet for weight gain.

3. Exercise - Performing body building exercise such as weight lifting will help build muscle instead of body fats. Ask your trainer or visit your local fitness center and you will find instructors who are willing to offer you advice and how to go about it.

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4. Take protein rich food - Another weight gain diet involves use of protein rich food. Proteins form the basis of the body structure and being the most vital component of muscles , blood, skin and all the internal organs. And when it comes to weight gain , proteins are made up of amino acids which are absorbed in to the small intestine and pass to blood which they are distributed to all the body cells.

And without sufficient protein , muscle gain may became unachievable, and so what are some of the protein rich foods available you can use in your weight gain diet?, well this includes;

  • - Lean cuts of meat
  • - Turkey
  • - Chicken
  • - Low fat milk and yoghurt
  • - Low fat cheese
  • - Eggs
  • - Soy products
  • - Fish

5. Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates plays a big role when it comes to a healthy diet to gain weight. They are the main source of energy supply in our bodies and unrefined carbohydrates rich foods are the best option.

Glucose which is derived after conversion of carbohydrates is considered the universal fuel as it supply our bodies with the needed energy to face the day ahead. Whole grain bread and pasta provides the large part or supply of carbohydrates in the diet.

Good sources of carbohydrates includes;

  • - Whole grains e.g. wheat , barley, oats, rice, millet and so forth
  • - Tubers e.g. yams, potatoes and legumes which are rich in complex carbohydrates

6. Fats - Use good healthy fats in your weight gain diet. Fats also form the basis of a healthy diet to gain weight and also our well being. There are good and bad fats , and the bad one falls under the category of saturated fats.

  • - Saturated fats which mainly comes from the animal kingdom , and palm nut, coconut from the plant kingdom. Increased or frequent use of saturated fatty acids increases the cholesterol level in the blood. They are solid in room temperature.
  • - Unsaturated fatty acids which have one monounsaturated or more than one polyunsaturated double between two or more of its carbon atom. These fats are liquid in room temperature
  • The sources of unsaturated include olive oil, avocado, seed oils, walnut oil and fish and these are the ones we should be using for cooking and even dressing.

    Following the above guideline which is the best diet to gain weight or a healthy diet to gain weight and requires some few changes in your diet and you will be on your way to gaining weight the right way.


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