9 top weight loss motivation tips

Having weight loss motivation tips by your side will help to guide and have you keep going with your goal of losing weight.

These simple weight loss motivation tips when followed with diligence , will greatly help you a achieve that goal you have set yourself of losing weight. It is important to note that losing weight is not an overnight affair to achieve, but instead it involves a process together with result yielding methods.

Even the other goals we set for our lives like achieve financial independence or finish college does require drive or motivation to keep us going in that journey to realize them.


Likewise, we need motivation to loss weight to act as fuel on our journey of realizing that healthy looking body. And so what are the weight loss motivation tips that help you lose weight or those extra pounds? well these includes;

1. Set yourself a goal - Just imagine boarding a cruise liner today and leaving the port without a plan and map of the desired destination , I believe that can really be frustrating and reaching no where and perhaps being tossed left and right by waves and wasting time. But if the cruise liner has a laid out plan of the destination and desired arrival time, I believe everyone on board will be pleased, and have good time knowing before hand where they are going.

Likewise when it comes to weight loss motivation tips, you need to set a goal like what do you intend to achieve , like your ideal weight and body type. Set realistic goals like losing 150 pounds in 2 years is both attainable and realistic, while losing 150 pounds in 4 month is neither attainable nor realistic.

Your goals also should have deadlines so as to keep you in check and help you strive to achieve you goal. And also keep a nice journal of your activities and finally do something every day that will draw you closer to achieving your weight loss goal.

2. Surround yourself with positive and healthy people - Another weight loss motivation tips is your surrounding. There is nothing worse like surrounding yourself with people who see negativity in every situation in life and being positive doesn't seem to exist in their vocabulary . Honestly it drains your energy and make you feel sluggish .

I learned that long time ago and it has really help me in achieving my personal goals in other areas as well. Being around positive minded and leading a healthy lifestyle will really act as a motivation in itself, and will make you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Remember our environment can really affect us in either a positive or negative way.

Have the attitude of "I can ", I can do it" and " It is possible " and I call it weight loss affirmation. And in doing this , you will be on your way to achieving your weight loss goal and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Find a diet friend or partner - Look for someone or friend who is also having the same goal of losing weight as you do and go for it, this will help motivate each other since you are having a common mission. Find some time together and do work out or aerobics, go to a nice park and jog, walk or even do some running. You can even both join a local supportive health group in your local area.

4. "De clutter" your kitchen - By this I mean you need to do some make over on your kitchen by doing away with those unhealthy food stuff you have in your kitchen and fridge. Those highly processed food, junk food, saturated fats need to go away and instead replace them with healthy food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, healthy oils such as olive oil, walnut oil, corn oil and so forth.

Try as much as possible to cook your food instead of ready made quick fix like rushing to fast food joint, they are so many healthy cook books available and they are affordable, get one and learn some new recipes.

5. Think of health risks - Remember being overweight has a potential health risks to your body and health, and I believe you have heard prevention is better than cure. Some people wait for a simple heart attack to act as a wake up call and start heading to health food stores knowing another heart attack like this my be a one way ticket to the other world.

healthy diet 

Being overweight is a road map to acquiring high blood pressure or hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, gallstones, breathing problems and certain cancers, having in mind of these risk are enough to cause us to change our lifestyles for the better.

6. Learn from others success stories - There are so many genuine success stories available out there and even from friends. Hear their stories and journey on what they did , like what adjustment they had to make leading to achieving their success.

Remember each person success story and how they got there may be different than yours and simply because we have different goals as one may just want to lose 60 pounds and another one is striving to lose 150 pounds.

7. Reward yourself - Once you achieve those small goals like losing few extra pounds, celebrate by even donating those clothes that now no longer fits you, or put them completely a side.

Reward yourself by even taking a small trip somewhere but don't go back and start craving again as it can be tempting. Appreciate those small results on your way to achieving your major goal.

8. Visualize - Another interesting weight loss motivation tips has to do with visualization. Picture yourself how good looking you will be when you achieve your weight loss goal, remember when you get that ideal good looking figure, it will have a profound effect on your self esteem, confidence and even personal relationship as you will be more attractive and i don't mean overweight individuals aren't attractive, don't get me wrong.

Visualization is very powerful and should be practiced regularly.

9. Do something everyday - The final motivation for weight loss or weight loss motivation tips is, do something every day like exercising that will draw you closer to achieving your weight loss goal.

These weight loss motivation tips we have looked at are easy to follow and needs your commitment to help you stay on track on your journey of losing weight

What are some of your favorite weight loss motivations? Share it with others.

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