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Did you know a typical western diet which is known to be unhealthy as it is rich in sugar, sodium, refined, processed and chemically engineered to produce sensational taste , also rich in calories and low in essential nutrients? This western diet has been linked to several health problems like diabetes and heart disease that is affecting a lot of people today.

Example of common western style diet includes burgers, fries and sodas. With our modern hectic lifestyle, people seems to be always on the move from one end to the other, thus neglecting ourselves when it comes to eating a well balanced meal rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain such as rice, pasta, brown bread, legumes e.g. beans, lentils, peas and instead opting for a quick fix..

It is a quick fix which seems to be the easiest way for many compared to preparing fresh meal, instead we now prefer a drive thru or a fast food restaurant and grabbing a high caloric burger, fries and soda with little or no fruits and vegetables in it.

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Nowadays Americans are spending a large percentage of their income on eating out and this is mostly on fast food joints. The problem with western style diet is that it is rich in high calories, and often lacks the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal performance and healthy living and to keep the doctor a way.

Also typical western diet is full of saturated fats, processed, sodium and also refined carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that rural populations in southeast Asia, Africa, China, South and Central America where people eat food rich in high fiber, low fat, fruits and vegetables and lead active lives have few heart attacks, little fear of diabetes and cardiovascular disease where else in Australia, North America, New Zealand and other developed countries in Europe where their diet is rich in fat and cholesterol , and heart disease and diabetes are common occurrence.

This western diet which is known for low fiber, cholesterol, high fat like saturated take toll on ones body by damaging the body vital oxygen - carrying arteries and disturbing important metabolic roles.

A lot of Americans and in fact a large number experience heart attacks on daily basis and every third adult has high blood pressure and thousands getting affected by strokes. In fact due to disordered metabolisms from unbalanced lifestyles, obesity is epidemic, and in every 50 seconds, a new diabetic individual is diagnosed.

What to do

So what can be done to minimize the health risks associated with western diet? Well, we need to go to the drawing table or board  and see how those people who live a healthy lifestyle such as the inhabitants of Okinawa, the Hunzas of Central Asia, the Sherpas of Nepal live without the diseases associated with western style diet such as hypertension , diabetes, stroke and many more.

These group of people didn't have the luxury of those beautiful packaged , refined, high fat , chemically preserved to give long shelf life foods which are found on our local food stores. Instead they grew they fresh fruits and vegetables in their gardens, their animal products such as milk, meat, eggs, chicken, fish came from local barnyard animals . No growth hormones which are meant to fatten and hasten animal growth as it is today and led active lives

And that is a big difference when it comes illness free healthy lifestyle and unhealthy lifestyle which manifest in the form of illnesses.

The good thing is that , these kind of foods which are homegrown and organic like whole grain, legumes, fruits and vegetables, polyunsaturated fats, organic animal products and many more are still available from our food stores.

So like I said, individuals and families need to be proactive to educate themselves on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle such as buying refined food means those foods have been robbed essential nutrients and fiber which are good for our bodies.

And also processing of food adds calories , subtracts nutrients, and even lead to scores of chemical additives.

Go for lean meat, free from hormone growth and white meat such as fish and chicken is also good for you. Also choose complex carbohydrates and by this, I mean food such as legumes, starchy vegetables e.g. potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams and also whole grain bread and cereal. Start today your journey to a healthy lifestyle and give western diet a hard kick through the window.

What is your experience with western food, do like like them? Share your experience.

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