Yoga benefits

Before we look at the yoga benefits, we need to have a look at the little history of yoga and its origin. I believe many of us have heard about yoga many times and perhaps even practiced it at home or at local fitness center.

Well, yoga originated from the ancient India and it is a Hindu practice of physical ,mental and spiritual discipline. And with an aim of attaining the state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility while meditating.

Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit , the language of ancient India where yoga originated. Currently yoga is being practiced all over the world as many have realized the health benefits that comes with it , and here in North America, over 18 million people practice one of the many styles of yoga for the purpose of attaining health, fitness and the spiritual well being of it, which in this case are benefits of yoga.

There are several types of yoga available for practice today, but yoga practice usually comprises of a series of poses called Asanas ( practice of physical postures and poses) which are geared towards stretching and strengthening the body. In most cases Yoga practice usually stress on breathing exercises and meditation in addition to series of Asanas.

Lets us look at some of the Asana one can practice and this includes;

1. Novasana (Boat Pose) - Find a comfortable exercise mat which you can get at your local stores, then begin seated with knees bend, bring arm out straight in front near knees.

Use stomach muscles to draw legs in and up.

Extend your legs out for full position.

Yoga benefits of Novasana
  • - The benefits of this exercise includes strengthening of abdominal
  • - Improving digestion
  • - And finally , it tones your kidneys

2. Baddha Konasana ( Bound Angle Pose) - Find a comfortable mat, the seat , bring feet together , press feet together energetically and then extend out through the knees. Bow forward.

Yoga benefits of Bound Angle Pose

The benefits of this practice includes;

  • - Assist lower abdominal organs in functionality
  • - Good for hip and knee joints
  • - Helps with bladder control

3. Setu bandha sharvangasana (Bridge pose) - Having your mat ready, start lying on your back. Bend knees and bring feet towards buttocks. Press hip up . Walk shoulder blades underneath and then clasp hands.

Keep inner thighs moving towards each other and tuck the tailbone.

The yoga benefits of this exercise is, it aids in opening the chest and upper back and also develops the buttocks.

4. Dhanurasana (Bow pose) - With your comfortable mat on the floor, start by lying face down , then bend knees .

Bring shoulders on the back and grab ankles. Tuck the tailbone and arch up . Rock side to side for variation.

Yoga benefits of this exercise include helping to stretch the spine and keep it flexible. Also tones the abdominal organs.

5. Utakatasana (Chair pose) - Start in a mountain pose. Raise arms over head , bend knees and bring together and sit as if you are sitting on a chair.

The benefits of this exercises includes strengthening of ankles, calves, inner thighs, back and also stretches the shoulder.

6. Ustrasana (Camel Pose) - With your mat already on the floor, start by kneeling with toes curved under or flat on the floor , place hands on hips.

Extend and lift the spine as you arch the back , drop the hands back onto the heels, press the hips forward, tuck tail borne.

What are the yoga benefits of camel pose?
  • - Well, it helps develop hamstrings and inner thighs
  • - Calms the mind and removes fatigue
  • - Removes stiffness in the neck and shoulders

7. Balasana (Child's pose) - This is where you have the child spread knees and extend arms forward in front of them.

Also may move arms to the sides, this type of yoga exercise aids in resting and good for the lower back.

Those were some of the few yoga practices one can perform safely at home and remember there are so many yoga exercises or practices available today.

One is able to achieve or realize enormous benefits from yoga in areas of health, fitness and spiritual well being.

Yoga benefits for you

The benefits from yoga includes;

1. Stress management - Practicing yoga will help in controlling stress that comes with day to day stressful life. Drives from busy day towards a more calm atmosphere as you move your body through different poses which calls for concentration and balance.

2. Develop strength and flexibility - Yoga helps you develop body strength since different poses calls for different body parts involvement.

You become physically fit and feel more energetic , before I started doing yoga myself, I used to feel sluggish and tired most of the time , and all that changed when i started practicing yoga at home and always felt much better.

Yoga enables you to become more flexible and energetic.

3. Build confidence - When you set a goal to exercise , and you start practicing the process involved that leads to healthy lifestyle, and you begin to see the changes taking place in your body and health wise at the end, that in itself is motivation and help build confidence as you begin to have a different outlook on yourself and life.

Doing it diligently and achieving the results, you feel more confident to set other goals and strive to achieving them and yoga is one of the ways to build confidence.

4. Blood cleanser - Yoga is known as a blood cleanser by helping to get rid of waste or toxins in blood through what we call lymphatic stimulation and also helps us loosen muscles and joints that are often ignored in our day to day busy life.

5. Strengthen lungs - It also helps Strengthen our lungs due to deep breathing exercise during yoga sessions and help us relax too.

6. Build new relationships - What a better way to build and connect with new people in a more relax atmosphere and going for the same goals together.

Joining a local Yoga club in your area is the route to making new friends instead of just locking up yourself in your room and doing it alone.

7. There is low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments in your body. It is not a vigorous exercise or practice.

8. Yoga also improve your mood and subjective well-being increases.

9. Yoga also improves your respiratory efficiency i.e. respiratory amplitude and smoothness increases, tidal volume increases, vital capacity increases, breathe-holding time increases.

Benefits of yoga for women

  • - Yoga helps in reducing and controlling anger thus leading to stress free and happiness
  • - Yoga also has the ability to improve gastrointestinal functions effectively in women
  • - Help reduce high blood pressure
  • - Improves your overall health
  • - Improves breathing thus reducing anxiety

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